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Tipps aus unserer Merula Community

After a while, every women begins to develop their own technique for using their Merula Cup. You can find a range of tips and methods from users in our Facebook Merula Cup Community

Tipps 4

“If the cup doesn’t easily unfold, it can help if you try inserting it lying on your back.”

Alina A.

“When I couldn’t get the Merula to unfold, I got a tip to insert the cup the wrong way around – stem first – and then to turn it around in the vagina. That works amazingly well.”

Anastasia R.

“For years I inserted my previous cup using the C fold. Amazingly, the punch-down fold works better for the Merula. If inserting it and removing it doesn’t work, just try using a different fold.”

Jenni M.

“It’s best if you don’t hold the Merula too hard when inserting it. The more air that’s there at the beginning, the easier it unfolds and the suction is not so strong.”

Rebecca F.

“When I have my period, my ectocervix moves several centimeters over the course of the day. That’s why I didn’t want to shorten the stem. I simply fold it up between the cup body and the wall of the vaginal when my ectocervix is lower.”

Lina R.

“Because the blood often doesn’t flush away very well in the toilet, I always use the toilet brush directly after flushing so that everything always disappears.”

Jasmin S.

To position the ectocervix in the cup, it can be helpful to press the pelvic floor slightly downwards while inserting it and to rotate the cup at the same time; to “screw it in”, so to speak.”

Merle F.

“To make sure the Merula folds out properly, I always push the wall of the vagina to the side. To check whether it is open and the ectocervix is in the cup, I feel once around the cup. If it is round again and I can’t feel the ectocervix, it is sitting correctly and will be leak-proof for hours.”

Melanie S.

“When I want to boil the cup, I always turn it inside out beforehand. This means the stem is inside the ball and the cup does not need as much space in the cleaning container or pot.”

Amily K.

“I washed my Merula pouch in the washing machine at 60°C and then put it into the dryer with the rest of my stuff. It looks like new. It didn’t damage it.”

Nele M.

“My ectocervix often moves during my period. Before inserting, I always check where it is at that time so that I can insert the Merula Cup in the right direction.”

Vanessa H.

“If I can turn the Merula Cup slightly and it has formed a vacuum, i.e. I can’t easily pull the cup out by the stem, I know that the ectocervix is positioned correctly in the cup.”

Melanie W.

“I bought myself a second Merula, which I keep at work in case my period starts when I’m not expecting it.”

Lea D.

When I pull out the Merula, I’m careful to leave it slightly folded so it doesn’t feel unpleasant coming out. I then empty it out right away underneath me into the toilet.”

Claudia S.

“It’s good to practice in the shower because then you don’t have to worry about any spills.”

Edith A.

“I boil my Merula in an old chocolate spread jar in the microwave. I put some small holes in the plastic lid for this. Of course you have to be careful that there are no bits of foil left along the top edge.”

Mira N.

All the tips here are personal suggestions from Merula Cup users, which are intended to be used as an orientation for using or reusing the Merula Cup. For this reason, we accept no liability for the tips listed on this page.

Before I had the Merula Cup, I had to get up three to four times at night on heavy days. Now I can sleep easy even on the heaviest days!

Barbara S. (30)
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